Our Story


We are Deborah from Germany, Marina from Spain and Ylva from Norway, three happy souls who met travelling and living in Sri Lanka. We all changed our lives radically by leaving our homes to follow our dreams around the world. We met on this tropical island through a shared passion for yoga, surfing, travel and curry. We felt so lucky finding each other and since the day we met, we became inseparable friends who made jokes about calling us My Serendipity.

The Origin

Did you know that ‘Serendipity’ comes from ‘Serendip’, one of the ancient names of Sri Lanka?
‘Serendipity’ is also a well-known word with many meanings, such as: ‘happy accident, an unplanned, fortunate discovery and beautiful coincidence’, but the meaning we fell in love with the most was: ‘an unexpected good luck’. 

We are


Marina was born and raised in Madrid, and is full of positive energy. She has been traveling for a few years, and eventually started to work as a freelance photographer and journalist in Sri Lanka.  

Marina can’t live away from the waves, the nature and the challenges that comes with living abroad. She is always working to achieve the next step in her life and she sees the best in everyone (most times through her camera lens).  

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Debbie grew up in Germany in a small city near Frankfurt. As an active and happy soul, she uses every opportunity to be outside (preferably by the ocean). 

With a passion for surfing and adventures, she decided to leave her routine life to explore and travel the world. With her positive attitude and infectious smile, it’s no doubt Debbie has the intuition to create a beautiful atmosphere for the people around her. 

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Ylva is a fun-loving yogi with a passion for surfing, yoga, singing and playing the guitar. She grew up on a Norwegian fjord and seeks the water anywhere she goes.


Her love for the practice naturally led her to work as a yoga teacher, and she has over 500 hours of yoga teacher training behind her. Ylva is practicing Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Aerial and SUP Yoga. She has been teaching at various places around the world, but fell in love with Sri Lanka and its beauty. 

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