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Forging a New Trail

A story of female empowerment and a search for an independent life in the north of Nepal

DURGA: Forging a New Trail is an inspiring story about 34-year-old Durga Rawal, the only mountain guide of any gender from her village in northern Nepal. This country is manly patriarchy: males are the ones who receive an education and are able to work in larger cities while women are often left to work on family farms and in their homes. 

Durga is an icon of female empowerment and gender equality. It’s a story of a brave young woman who is forging her own trail and inspiring other girls and women as a guide in the Himalayas. 

My Serendipity Retreats wants to showcase inspiring women’s stories that motivates other female entrepeneurs to pursue their dreams. We believe that these people can help others to make decisions to change their lives. It is all about passion and hard work, but also from the help of each other. 

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