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The benefits of yoga and why so many people is afraid to try it

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

As many people know, there are a bunch of great benefits that comes with practicing yoga. I will sum up a few of them soon. But first I will just say that sadly, yoga is still something that most people are afraid to try. Especially for people who have never done it before. It’s no secret that a typical yogi stereotype can seem a bit different and sometimes even seem a bit scary? I can fully understand where this is coming from with their easy-going lifestyle and colorful clothes. Vegan diets, tea-drinking happy souls who live and breathe for yoga. Yes, these people exist, but I promise you, not everyone is like that. And if they are, isn’t that just amazing anyway? That yoga has had such a huge impact on them that they choose to dedicate their lives to it? 

At least I think so. 

But yoga is more than just a #lifestyle. It’s the actual sport we are talking about, and the benefits that comes with it. There is so many different types of yoga, so there is definitely something that suits everyone, no matter shape or size.

As a yoga teacher I often hear people say “I can’t’ do yoga, I’m not flexible enough”. Well I have good news for you! Yoga is especially for the inflexible people out there (and flexible people too of course) to become a little bit more flexible. There you go. No more excuses. Get on the mat, and if you are doing yoga with us, I can guarantee you that you are in good hands. 

So, back to the benefits. 

There are many reasons why #women should practice yoga daily. It not only helps your physical condition, but it has a positive effect on your way of thinking. A deeper practice becomes a powerful therapy to help relationships, work performance, overcome fears and viewing life positively. 

Because being a woman isn’t always easy. It is so important, and yet so easy to forget as life flies by to take time for yourself, to become aware of what’s happening in your daily life, your body and with your emotions. At #MySerendipityWeek we will allow ourselves to let go, for stress to melt away and dive into that sacred space. 

At our yoga retreat we are going to practice a few different types of yoga, so you can have a taste of all of them, and find the perfect practice for you. We are together on the mat to remind ourselves to take a timeout, to focus on what’s truly important; to take care of ourselves. 

Let’ start with #Vinyasa Flow.

What makes Vinyasa Yoga unique is the diversity and the freedom of each class, which makes space for creative sequencing. It is a fun and vibrant flow which suits all levels, and increases flexibility, mental health, muscle tone, back pain and enhanced circulation.

But what about #Hatha Yoga?  

Hatha yoga helps develop balance and strength in the mind and body. It’s a flowing practice, but will have more focus on working with the poses themselves, rather than moving from pose to pose in a higher pace. Hatha yoga is great for beginners and also for more advanced #practitioners since the poses are held for longer periods of time and gives a great advantage in exploring #alignment, increasing range of #movement and develop rock solid mental focus and leave you ready to take on the world! 

Then we have #Yin, oh sweet Yin !

In Yin Yoga, we are given time and space to allow thoughts, feelings and emotions to surface. We target the deep connective tissues of the body, the joints, ligaments, bones and deep fascia networks. It’s a meditative Yoga practice, as we hold the poses for 3-5 minutes (don’t panic, we will have props available to make sure you are relaxed and comfortable the entire time).

In our daily lives, our minds are constantly busy with all the information and impressions surrounding us. Our #mind is not used to quiet moments, as its trained to stimulate us. While practicing Yin, the body release tension in the muscles and the fascia tissue while the mind can find rest and #stillness.  

In Yin Yoga we allow the mind to focus on the “breath, and the movement of the body. Learning to watch the breath and stay in the moment improves concentration and helps you interact with others more mindfully. It’s simply a wonderful practice.

Have you ever tried #SUP Yoga?

With the beauty and chaos that is Sri Lanka, we are lucky to escape into the wild and simply drift off into calmness. We will be practicing a slow Vinyasa Flow on the river, with large, stable paddle boards as our yoga mat and nature as our yoga studio. 

SUP Yoga can be accessed by yogis at all levels and is a fun alternative to land-based yoga which will awake your inner child. We will be escaping the daily buzz of life by doing a #flow in the natural environment, surrounded by jungle, water and bird-song. Enhance your practice and allow yourself to see life from a new perspective!


It is no secret meditation has a beneficial impact on our daily life. We will scratch the surface of meditation techniques to start and finish our yoga practices. To sit still and absorb the beauty of a tropical environment and the peaceful sounds of nature is the perfect way to begin.

Our stressful and busy lives force us to forget the beauty around us. We are too busy to see, too busy to feel, and when we have a moment to relax, we often turn to our devices; phones, computers & television. The aim of meditation is to train our minds to focus and redirect our thoughts, we will provide you with the tools to explore. Consistent regular #practice reduces stress, helps challenge your anxieties, generates feelings of empathy, gratitude and forgiveness whilst also enhancing focus and concentration.


Yes, that’s right. And if you haven’t tried it already, you’re in for a life changing experience. We will open a few grounding and opening Yin postures and then settle into a comfortable Savasana to receive the beautiful sounds and healing vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls and handpan.

The vibration or resonance of these instruments takes us beyond relaxation and into a healing state in the body, mind and soul, restoring the normal vibratory frequencies to diseased and out of harmony parts of our being. All is energy, everything emits a vibration.

Now, hopefully you will give at least one of these different yoga styles a go. If you join us to #MySerendipityWeek , we will guarantee that you will have a taste of all of them. If you don’t, well now you know enough about each style to at least consider trying one of them somewhere else. If this is your first time to yoga, go with an open mind and with no expectations. I can promise you it’s worth (at least) a try.