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Why is My Serendipity a different Yoga Retreat and why will you have a inspiring experience?

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Relax and recharge your batteries in a beautiful coastal villa away from your everyday life. Allow yourself to break away from your daily routine, and experience something different, new and exciting.

Nowadays, surf and yoga retreats are very popular for all kind of travelers. Nevertheless, My Serendipity Week, organized in Sri Lanka, is more than just a yoga retreat. It is an opportunity to have a real cultural experience in a foreign country and a different way to travel practicing yoga, enjoy the ocean and going for adventures. It may not sound like a relaxing holiday choice, but at My Serendipity you’ll find the joy of “active relaxation”. 

Your week at My Serendipity is designed for all yoga levels. Whether you haven’t done any before, you are a beginner or a more experienced yogi, you will find your flow and have time to listen to your own body and mind. Furthermore, it is a big advantage to have the same teacher and group of students.

In this case, our amazing and bubbly yoga instructor Ylva  will guide you through a week of mindfullness and relaxation through different styles of yoga. We will work on techniques to improve our postures, quiet the mind and find stillness within.

We care about the planet, as we are using it as our playground everyday. Reduction of plastic is important to us, and we support a sustainable and intelligent consume in our retreat. If we all do small steps, we can help support a healthier future for our children and the environment that supports us all.

Besides that, My Serendipity is made by women dedicated to women. As we host our Yoga Retreat around the world, we are looking to include local women who are struggling to reach their own economical independency. 

Do you want to join us?