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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, all classes are customized to your needs. Explore the depths of movement through Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and SUP Yoga. 

Yoga and mindfulness are the main focus at ‘My Serendipity’. We believe in the many great benefits for our mind and body they can produce. Yoga bolsters your mental health and erases the stresses that come with the multiple hats women wear at home, at work and in society. 

There are many reasons why women should practice yoga daily. It not only helps your physical condition, but it has a positive effect on your way of thinking. A deeper practice becomes a powerful therapy to help relationships, work performance, overcome fears and viewing life positively.

It is so important, and yet so easy to forget as life flies by to take time for yourself. To become aware of what’s happening in your daily life, your body and with your emotions. This following week we will allow ourselves to let go, for stress to melt away and dive into that sacred space.